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Hatching Service

No Eskom? We will hatch your chicks for you!

For the protection of everybody, please note:

Download: Hatching Order Form with Conditions & Instructions


A minimum fee of R100.00 plus:


While Grehenheim will endevour to remind you of a due collection, we accept no responsibility thereto. Please monitor your date yourself. Your chicks will need to be collected 22 to 23 days after delivery to us. Please verify exact date with us telephonically about 2 to 3 days before due date.


Grehemheim Poultry clients qualify for the following discounts:


Please note that these discounts are not accumulative. Only one of the above will apply.

The right to change these rates and conditions without prior notice is reserved

Please carefully note the following:

Egg Requirements

Egg Collection & Storage

Egg Delivery & Chick Collection


If hatching rates are substantially lower than our normal hatching rates, Grehenheim Poultry reserves the right to decline further hatching orders.


While every reasonable care will be taken to hatch supplied eggs, Grehenheim Poultry accepts no liability whatsoever should eggs fail to hatch for any reason whatsoever. We give no guarantee whatsoever regarding projected hatching rates.

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